Cubetape C200

Handheld Scanner/Dimensioner

The Cubetape C200 digital sizing and measuring device captures dimensions of packages and large shipments like a standard tape measure, but with the added benefit of wireless data transfer to your shipping system or ERP.

The Cubetape C200 effortlessly connects to ERP systems and shipping software to eliminate manual entry of length, width and height, saving valuable time in the fast-paced freight industry.

Comprehensive solution to income protection issues

The Cubetape C200 is ideal for manually measuring odd or ugly goods, which cannot be handled by a fully conveyor belt weighing and scanning setup. It’s also certified as a legal-for-trade device, meaning it can be legally used to charge by dimension, whether through customer chargebacks or to set freight charges.

The Cubetape works seamlessly with the ParcelMetrics product to create a comprehensive solution to common revenue protection issues in the freight industry.


C200 Cubetape

Save up to 50% on processing time

A Cubetape is a portable, mobile device that eliminates the need to queue to use the system, saving up to 50% of processing time over alternative sizing methods.

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