Efficient and secure gathering of important parcel data

Parcel dimensioning solutions

The Parcel Metrics products help you register the barcode, dimensions and weight of packages and pallets. This allows you to ensure revenue protection, optimize freight transport and/or master data and SKU management.  Parcel dimensioning solutions data is made available to a backend application through a RESTful API and/or files in various formats, such as CSV, JSON and XML.

Parcel Dimensioning Systems can measure the exact dimensions of incoming parcels and pallet loads. This results in warehouses to optimize the storage space that each package requires. Also increases efficiency by facilitating more efficient use of available storage space and ensuring that no valuable real estate is wasted.

By utilizing data of  Parcel Dimensioning Systems, warehouse managers can arrange packages in a way that reduces the time needed for pickers to access any given package.

Parcel Dimensioning Systems can measure the exact dimensions of outgoing parcels and pallet loads, allowing shippers to optimize the shipment details that each item requires. This increases efficiency of  LTL transports and ensuring that no reclamations and back charging takes place.

All of this increases productivity and enhances operational efficiency.







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