Volume and Weight measurement at the shipping desk

All shipping objects need to be controlled by shipping software which require correct info about package dimensions, weight and order ID. This must be entered into the system.

When using your own boxes with a special barcode with info of the sizes of the box you can easily scan the dimensions of that box. So for regular shipments the dimensions can be scanned into the system with one barcode scan. 

For reuse, incised or assembled standard boxes “Ugly Freight”, you could use the Cubetape for easy and faultless entry of height, length and width as well as the order ID.

All this data is especially needed when a Multi-Carrier software package is in use.

shipping desk parcel metrics

Mobile shipping desk with mobile dimensioning and mobile weighing using a RAVAS weighing hand pallet truck.  

Previously people used a standard tape measure for this and the values were manually entered. Errors will be made, especially in high pressure shipping time, and this required post-calculations or incorrectly high shipping costs.

Plug and play
An electronic Bluetooth measuring tape is used to avoid this. It is an easy-to-use device that works with Bluetooth which can be connected  “plug and play” to the sending computer, like a barcode scanner. Entering dimensions manually is no longer needed.

Klanten  Parcel-Metrics


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