Cross docking – incoming freight

Volume and Weight measurement checking incoming goods 

Volume and weight measurement system of ParcelMetrics are used to determine the weight and dimensions of packages and pallet loads at cross docking applications and regular incoming goods.

A robust measurement tape will be used to determine the Length Width and Height of a parcel or pallet and this data including barcode ID info will be send to a handheld Android unit which can add the weight using a Bluetooth connection to the scale. Pictures can also be added using the back panel camera of the smartphone / PDA. All data is sent in real-time using a safe HTTPS data transfer to a (local) PC/Laptop or (cloud) server installation.

Modern freight recording includes the optimization of storage and shipping. Rising costs for transport fuel and wages make information off the weight and dimensions of packages increasingly important.

The determined data (volume – weight – parcel ID) can be checked if the shippers information was correct and back-charging is needed.

measuring pallet

Our modular volume and weight measurement systems using several hardware and software solutions, which makes it easy to realize different configurations.

ParcelMetrics is the leading manufacturer and supplier of portable dimensioning solutions designed for the world’s transport, postal and logistics industries. Our ParcelMetrics software and hardware with peripherals including mobile and bench scales are user-friendly and cost-effective means for gaining control of critical shipment data.

    • Semi automatic, mobile dimensioning.
    • Pallet dimensioning.
    • Parcel dimensioning.
    • Transport logistics for revenue protection preventing back charges.
    • Measurement of non-conveyable’s aka:  Ugly Freight.
    • PMM Android app for mobile use.
    • PMD Windows based software.
    • PMES Enterprise Server solution.
    • Cloud based or ‘on-premises’ set up.
    • Stand alone or full network configurations.
    • Real time data processing using HTTPS secure data transfer.

Stop the leakage now!  – start measuring with ParcelMetrics modular solutions.

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