Ugly freight and non-conveyables

In the parcel world you can have non-conveyables and in the pallet load transport world you can have oversized (ugly) freight.

In many cases ugly freight cannot be measured by full automated equipment and needs to be handled separately by a dedicated operator with dedicated hardware & software tools.

Non-conveyables  / oversized goods can result in disputes as shippers cannot measure them accurately. The result – lost revenue.

It is therefore imperative that the carrier measures the freight accurately when picking it up from the shipper’s site or at least at the moment the goods arrive on the Cross docking depot.

You will need invest in an efficient ParcelMetrics solution based on hard and software which will cost considerable less then huge stationary portal systems, have an enormous flexibility and don’t absorb precious floor space.

The hardware consists of an easy-to-use robust and professional digital tape measurement that helps you measure large objects in seconds. With built-in Bluetooth capability, it links to your phone or industrial PDA which runs our software ParcelMetrics Mobile.

Cubetape 7,5meter

Why ParcelMetrics Desktop for your Masterdata weigh & measurement tool?

      • Operator ID and Device ID.
      • Shipment ID by scanning the barcode of the parcel or pallet load.
      • Length, Width and Height.
      • Date & time.
      • Weight and Pictures (optional).
      • Site location and dock location.

All captured data is transferred to our ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server ( installed on premises or in the cloud ) from where it is persisted and/or routed ‘(near) real time’ to a backend application, like an ERP or WMS by invoking a RESTful API.

All ParcelMetrics data transfers are encrypted using Transport Layer Security(TLS) to ensure that eavesdroppers and hackers are unable to see what data is transmitted from ParcelMetrics Mobile/Desktop to the ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server to your backend application.

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