ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server (PMES)

ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server is a server application responsible for the aggregation, persistence and routing of messages containing the following data:

    • Message Metadata:
        • Timestamp of data capturing
        • Identification of the device running the app/application
        • Identification of the operator that captured the data
        • Site and location information
    • Barcode(s)
    • Dimensions (Length, Width and Height)
    • Weight (optional)
    • Photos (optional)

The ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server can be configured to persist any received message file in one of the following formats:

    • CSV (Customizable format)
    • JSON
    • XML


PMES screenshot 01

The ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server can also be configured to route a received message to one or more backend applications invoking a RESTful API sending either JSON or XML formatted messages. The connection can be configured to:

    • Use a secured or non-secured network protocol HTTPS or HTTP
    • Retry delivery in case of a temporary network failure.

Data can be persisted to CSV, JSON or XML files and/or forwarded to a backend application using a RESTful API accepting JSON or XML format.

ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server provides a secured web frontend over HTTPS for the administration of the server application and consultation of the Dashboard and log files. Users are authenticated using Basic Authentication. Depending on the role of the authenticated user (Administrator or User) access is granted to application resources.

The ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server uses email to send notifications to administrators to warn them about processing failures. The ParcelMetrics Enterprise Server can be licensed on-premises or as a SAAS solution.



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