RAVAS- the leading manufacturer of mobile weighing systems worldwide, developed together with ParcelMetrics a mobile Masterdata measuring machine.

The system is including RAVAS weighing technology for article master data and Cubetape scanning and dimensioning.

It is devoloped to harvest the following data:

      • BarcodeID
      • Length
      • Width
      • Height
      • Weight

The data package is send to the warehouse office where a software package will receive the package.

Master data management full automatic:

      • Barcode Scanning
      • Weighing
      • Volume Measurement
      • Data transfer
      • mobile solution
      • real time data in host IT

Modern warehouse management systems are optimally digitized and only exact data are allowed. Determining the volume of larger objects is now made easy with a completely mobile data collection system from RAVAS & ParcelMetrics.

These systems have been delivered in Rotterdam, Venlo and Neckarsulm.

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Stiftsbergstraße 1
74172 Neckarsulm