Accurate Dimensioning and data recording using a Digital Measurement Tape

Manual measurements of objects often leave room for human error. Not only do manual measurements take more time they can lead to significant downtime in productivity which negatively affects your business’ bottom line.

At DOCO there was a need to exactly report the length of the beams which went into the shipment to a specific customer. All beams are cut on order.

Our mobile digital measurement tape will measure beams up to 7,5 meter and also sends the exact length of the beam by Bluetooth to the IT system of the customer.  A flat screen shows the measured value on screen instantaneously.

All data is recorded in the ERP system and any reclamation can be investigated and the exact beam lengths can be communicated with the customer.

Timo Janssen  |  Supervisor Assembly
DOCO International B.V.  |  The Netherlands