Running an efficient warehouse can have significant benefits to your business bottom line. An efficiently run warehouse will reduce distributions costs, increase productivity and improve customer service. There are a number of ways to achieve these positive outcomes and effective integration of a mobile dimensioner, to measure dimensional weight, is one of them.

Implementing cutting edge technology into warehouse process and procedure is a powerful way to help optimize the performance of your warehouse staff.

The Cubetape and Parcel-Metrics software is one technology example, leading the way in modern warehouse operations. Cubetape collects item and dimensional data, integrates seamlessly into existing applications to give accurate shipping costs for all freight types, thus underpinning improved warehouse efficiency. Especially non-conveyable’s and Ugly Freight shipments are easily measured with the Cubetape – with the Parcel-Metrics software it is also very easy to integrate the actual weight of the parcel or pallet load. Even pictures are possible.

Top three ways a mobile dimensioner will help improve your warehouse efficiency:

1. Accurate Dimensioning

Manual measurements of packages and parcels often leave room for human error. Not only do manual measurements take more time but backtracking to alleviate any miscalculations can lead to significant downtime in productivity which negatively affects your business’ bottom line.

Human error is the leading cause of data loss for most businesses and the data loss statistic has been recorded as high as 25 percent. By using an automated device, you eliminate areas for errors to occur, which saves both time and money.

Manual data entry also poses a problem in terms of lack of speed, ambiguity, and volume fluctuations.

As a leading edge mobile dimensioner, Cubetape eliminates manual data errors, such as incorrect weight, length, height, and width, which can cause unexpected charges and chargebacks, which affect your cost projections and budget. By eliminating additional delivery charges to your customer, your business can improve customer service and satisfaction.

Cubetape offers accuracy and ensures confidence in the measurements of warehouse items, which manual processing can not. The portable device is extremely easy to use, delivering a solution that all levels of staff can use, with minimal training.

Discover more about this innovative mobile dimensioner and its complementary software solutions provide by Parcel-Metrics.


2. Faster Dimensioning

CubeTape turbo charges dimension data capture and instantaneously transmits it to your master-data platform. The speed and efficiency of this electronic data capture is noticeable faster than manual entry.

CubeTape has mobile data capturing features that facilitate the easy and fast transmission of data from the warehouse to the main software, which can be reconciled against the weights and dimension calculations undertaken by the logistics provider.

A significant benefit that CubeTape provides is the reduction in labor time when it comes to rectifying data entry errors, this is of particular value when more than 65 percent of typical warehouse costs are comprised of labor.


3. Mobile Dimensioning

Providing the ultimate convenience, Cubetape is completely portable. The handheld device is pocket-sized and can be carried from one end of your workspace to the other. Not only does this eliminate the need for large, costly and space consuming weighing items and scanners but offers better accessibility when measuring oversized and heavy items. With the Cubetape you can go to the parcel, rather than moving the parcel to you/your devices. Some customers use the mobile equipment even outside in the yard which minimize forklift traffic in and around your warehouse.

This is not only convenient, it also helps preventing workplace injuries and associated risk as there is less heavy lifting and maneuvering required.